Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Meat

Meet Meat!
Do you know where your food REALLY comes from? Have you ever wondered about the impact a simple decision of what to eat can affect your health, the environment as well as the welfare of not only farm animals, but wildlife as well?
Like all the decisions we make in our life, choosing what to eat should be made with knowledge of what exactly we are basing our decisions on. This means that to make the right choices that are in line with our own philosophies and outlook as an individual, we need to be aware exactly what is involved in food production. No matter, what you as an individual decide to do with regard to food, those choices should reflect your conscience.
Therefore, the facts should be sought out. And luckily, that’s not hard to do in today’s day and age. We are fortunate to have talented, wise and unafraid people who go out and dig up the facts and then report to the public. We have more ways than ever to make this information available via books, newspapers, websites, blogs, etc...There is no excuse for NOT KNOWING. Find out the facts and then act accordingly. You are your own conscience, and whatever you choose, it IS right for you!
An easy way to start is the short video on youtube:
Meet your Meat
To know more, just search the internet! It’s all there.

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